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Adam White

About Krav Maga Newcastle in Adamstown, NSW

Meet Adam White

Owner and Head Instructor at
Krav Maga Newcastle in Adamstown
Expert Level 3

Krav Maga Self-Defence and Fitness Classes.

Welcome to Krav Maga Newcastle, this is where fun, fitness, safety and respect come together.

Krav Maga will improve your physical fitness, aid in weight loss, increase your awareness and give you practical and effective defence skills. Plus you’ll look and feel great!

At Krav Maga Newcastle, our goal is to nurture a healthy and safe community. By offering professional, exciting and challenging experiences you will enjoy a greater level of confidence and fitness. Your ability to make positive decisions in difficult everyday situations is also improved, reducing stress in your life.

Your personal instructors provide well structured, interesting and enjoyable training that develops your defence skills while you become fit, lean and toned.

What does this all mean to you?

Our training is perfect for men and women who seek a fresh challenge, and to help children become stronger and safer. Learning Krav Maga will make you so much more capable not just in a physical sense but also in a mental and tactical approach.

“It’s never too late to take the first step!”

About Adam White – School Owner & Head Instructor

With his background in martial arts and career as a PE teacher, Adam is a highly experienced instructor who is passionate about Krav Maga.

After immersing himself in Tae Kwon Do in his teens, then Brazilian Jujitsu, Adam was still searching for the complete defence solution for any situation. Yes, he could fight standing up and also on the ground. But what if a weapon was involved? What if it was sitting in a car, or even underwater?

In 2001, Adam attended the first Krav Maga training workshop in Australia and he knew he had found the answer with this breakthrough approach that was principles based rather than technique based.

“The simplicity makes it so much easier for problems to be solved in a confronting situation,” he said. “Simple solutions solve many problems plus they’re easy to learn. And they work!”

Compared with gym work and other disciplines, Krav Maga challenges you in a more exciting and mindful way to grow your fitness and forget your fear.

Adam has trained in Israel, Poland and Hungary and is an international instructor with Krav Maga Global. As the Director of Krav Maga Global for Australia and New Zealand, he is responsible for delivering consistently high standards of training and raising awareness of this unique defence and fitness system across the region.

He loves seeing the continual improvement in the self-esteem, confidence and accomplishments of both his members and instructors.

Krav Maga Newcastle is a dedicated, professional facility for men, women and children with an outstanding team of Instructors.

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